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A soon-to-be-launched new internet video from the Gary Johnson-supporting AlternativePAC analogizes this year’s presidential election to Tinder.

Republican Donald Trump, it says, is the loudmouth at the end of the bar, pissing everyone off.

Democrat Hillary Clinton is “a nightmare…always reading your emails while hiding her own. Paranoid. Jealous.”

Gary Johnson, however, “climbs mountains,” and is for peace, privacy, and equality. Moreover, his company has never gone bankrupt.

American voters in this Tinder analogy are advised to “not settle” for Trump or Clinton but to “score” with Gary Johnson and the Libertarian Party.

This seems of a piece (in its uncoordinated PAC way) with a general attempt on Johnson and Weld’s part to position themselves not as radical libertarians but more as a choice that just seems personally sane and manageable, not exuding the sort of personal characteristics that indeed many of would find revolting face to face. (Marking the female candidate as “jealous” could and doubtless will be read by some as problematic, in the modern lingo, but it seems intended to match the “wants to read your email” point, a serious policy issue.)

The video:

I reported the other day on AlternativePAC chief Matt Kibbe on the value of short internet videos as a superior bang for the buck for the modern electorate.