Gary Johnson Had the Most Viral Ad of the 2016 Election. Was It All for Nothing?

September 8th, 2016 by in News

This article was originally published on Adweek.

First the good news: A wacky digital video starring “Dead Abe Lincoln” that stumps for Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson has logged upwards of 18 million views and 420,000 shares in two weeks, introducing potential voters to the former New Mexico governor and the movement to land him a spot in the upcoming presidential debates.

And now the bad news: Johnson turned into a trending topic and a hashtag on Thursday after a disastrous appearance on MSNBC’s Morning Joe in which he asked, “And what is Aleppo?” in response to a question about conflict in the Syrian city.

Pro-Gary Johnson “Balanced Rebellion” Ad Viral Sensation of this Political Cycle

September 7th, 2016 by in News

This article was originally published on Reason.

Alternative PAC, a superPAC supporting the campaign of Libertarian Gary Johnson, launched a project called “Balanced Rebellion” last month, as I reported. It was intended to help solve the problem of voters who, while disliking both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, didn’t want to feel that their third party vote helped make the one they hated more win.

The web site for the project and its Facebook page allows voters with a slight Trump preference to pledge to vote for Johnson and be matched with another voter from their state who had a slight Clinton preference, helping insure that a vote for Johnson wasn’t in effect a vote for the candidate they hated more, since they knew both major party candidates had lost a vote to the Libertarian.

Libertarians seek to corral anti-Trump, anti-Clinton voters

September 7th, 2016 by in News

This article was originally published on Washington Examiner.

A new group aimed at pairing “Never Trump” and “Never Hillary” votes has launched a viral social media marketing campaign aimed at capitalizing on voters’ dissatisfaction with the major party nominees and boosting Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson.

Matt Kibbe, Alternative PAC’s president who formerly led the Tea-Party-aligned Freedomworks organization, said the strategy of the “Balanced Rebellion” is primarily aimed at recruiting disaffected constitutional conservatives and disaffected Bernie Sanders voters, particularly millennials.

The mission of the Balanced Rebellion is to pair anti-Trump Republicans and anti-Clinton Democrats together so that their votes for Johnson do not function as a de facto vote for their ideological opposite.

What if you could vote third party without helping Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton? It’s possible

September 6th, 2016 by in News

This article was originally published on OregonLive.

Many voters are grappling with this: They’re loyal Republicans or Democrats, but they just can’t pull the lever for their party’s nominee this year. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are the most unpopular major-party nominees ever.

These disaffected voters could go for Gary Johnson, but that would only help out their party’s rival major-party candidate, who they dislike even more than your own. And they really don’t want to do that.

Well, some backers of the Libertarian Party nominee actually understand this dilemma, and their super PAC has figured out a workaround. It’s called Balanced Rebellion: a website that will connect a Democrat or Republican with a member of the other major party, allowing both to vote for Johnson.

Viral Video Gets 30,000 Republicans and Democrats to Vote Libertarian

August 29th, 2016 by in News

This article was originally published on PJ Media.

Last Thursday, a site called Balanced Rebellion launched a video featuring Abraham Lincoln encouraging Americans to reject both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, and to vote for Gary Johnson. The site presents a brilliant idea: it pairs up a Republican who hates both Trump and Clinton with a Democrat who hates both Clinton and Trump, so rather than voting to stop the candidate they fear more, each person will be free to vote third party.

“Look, if America is Gotham City, then Hillary is the mob and Trump is the Joker,” the video’s Lincoln declares. “The mob is always there, it’s corrupt, but at least you know what you’re getting.

Abe Lincoln Trashes Clinton and Trump in This Insane Ad for Libertarian Gary Johnson

August 29th, 2016 by in News

This article was originally published on Adweek.

And now for something completely different in an election season dominated by Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump—a political ad starring “Dead Abe Lincoln” telling voters they “just got screwed” by the two-party system.

“What Abe Lincoln prophesied about Trump and Hillary,” created on a shoestring budget by viral video mavens the Harmon Brothers, touts Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson in a push to have the former New Mexico governor included in the upcoming presidential debates.

Funded by Alternative PAC, a Johnson supporter, the five-minute video also promotes a movement called Balanced Rebellion, which, Abe says, “is like Tinder but not gross,” and aims to match voters one-to-one with others who are disappointed in the major-party choices for leader of the free world.

This Hilarious (But Accurate) Ad For A Gary Johnson Vote Is The Best Political Ad Ever

August 26th, 2016 by in News

This article was originally published on RedState.

Libertarian candidate for President, Gary Johnson, is enjoying some of the limelight not usually experienced by third parties during election season.

Admittedly, a lot of that attention comes in the form of people just straight up not liking the Republican or Democrat candidates. In fact, Trump and Clinton’s disapproval ratings are so high that most people voting for them don’t even really want them in office, they’re just voting to keep the other option out.

With that in mind, one group decided to help people move away from the candidates they hate and help get Gary Johnson the vote.

Dead Abe Lincoln Says: Vote Gary Johnson

August 26th, 2016 by in News

This article was originally published on Reason.

The Gary Johnson-supporting SuperPAC AlternativePAC has launched a new project, called “Balanced Rebellion.”

Via their site and using Facebook, they link a voter who would like to vote Libertarian from a specific state who says they would feel obligated to vote Hillary Clinton if they had no other choice to another voter who says they’d feel obligated to vote Trump in that situation.

This is intended to solve the problem of the would-be third party voter who fears their vote would enable the candidate they most hate to win. You know, the old “A vote for a third party is a vote for whatever candidate you most hate.”

As Matt Kibbe, who runs the PAC, explained in a phone interview this morning, you will actually be informed of the existence of this specific other voter, but just a first name to protect the other users’ privacy.

Match Game: Website Promises Guilt-Free Voting for Gary Johnson

August 26th, 2016 by in News

This article was originally published on The Wall Street Journal.

For the many voters who aren’t happy with their party’s presidential candidate but really loathe the other team’s, a super PAC promoting Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson proposes a solution: matching disaffected Republicans and Democrats so they can vote for Mr. Johnson without remorse.

The Balanced Rebellion effort aims to pair Democrats who had resigned themselves to voting for Hillary Clinton to stop Donald Trump with Republican voters who were planning to cast ballots for Mr. Trump to block Mrs. Clinton. People can log onto the Balanced Rebellion website and register their choice were Mr. Johnson not an option.

In Presidential Tinder, Why Would You Swipe Right for Trump or Clinton?

August 19th, 2016 by in News

This article was originally published on Reason.

A soon-to-be-launched new internet video from the Gary Johnson-supporting AlternativePAC analogizes this year’s presidential election to Tinder.

Republican Donald Trump, it says, is the loudmouth at the end of the bar, pissing everyone off.

Democrat Hillary Clinton is “a nightmare…always reading your emails while hiding her own. Paranoid. Jealous.”

Gary Johnson, however, “climbs mountains,” and is for peace, privacy, and equality. Moreover, his company has never gone bankrupt.

American voters in this Tinder analogy are advised to “not settle” for Trump or Clinton but to “score” with Gary Johnson and the Libertarian Party.

This seems of a piece (in its uncoordinated PAC way) with a general attempt on Johnson and Weld’s part to position themselves not as radical libertarians but more as a choice that just seems personally sane and manageable, not exuding the sort of personal characteristics that indeed many of would find revolting face to face.